Crypto regulatory news around the world: June ‘22


  1. Attlee, D. “Law Decoded, June 7–13: Lummis-Gillibrand bill is finally here”, Cointelegraph, June 13, 2022
  2. Jha, P. “New York State Senate passes Bitcoin mining moratorium”, Cointelegraph, June 3, 2022
  3. Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. “Amendments to the law have been made to increase transparency in the cryptographic sector”,, June 8, 2022
  4. Toppa, S. “Brazil Clarifies Taxes on Cryptocurrency Conversion”, The Street, May 26, 2022
  5. Engler, A. “Paraguayan Bill Regulating Crypto Mining and Trading Moves Closer to Law”, Coindesk, May 25, 2022
  6. Slavsky, D. “CryptoDigest: Kazakhstan will allow exchanges to open accounts”, iSpace, June 16, 2022
  7. Kuzmicheva, A. “A new version of the bill on mining was submitted to the State Duma”, RBC, May 24, 2022
  8. Khanzadaev, G. “Litecoin (LTC) Gets Delisted from Biggest South Korean Exchanges”, U Today, June 8, 2022
  9. Nagarajan, S. “Japan Passes Legal Framework for Stablecoins”, Blockworks, June 3, 2022



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