Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Jan-Feb’22 Market Overview

Scalable Solutions: Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Volume, Open Interest, Market Size, Growth and Trends

Key Takeaways of The Jan-Feb’22 Digest:

  • Spot volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges demonstrate a downward trend along with web traffic since November 2021
  • Bitcoin futures volume varied slightly at the beginning of 2022, while trade volume of Ethereum futures showed a downward trend in two months in a row since 2021.
  • Aggregated open interest of BTC and ETH futures fluctuated steadily in January-February 2022 compared to the volatility of the same period a year ago
  • In January 2022, futures market recorded two large liquidations of more than $500m when the BTC rate tested local minimum values
  • The volume of BTC and ETH options in February 2022 slowed down noticeably after remaining steady over 2 months
  • Leading cryptocurrencies updated local minimum in prices since July 2021
  • Market capitalization as of February 28, 2022 achieved $1.8 trillion, which is 23% lower compared to the end of 2021.
  • Fireblocks, FTX and Polygon raised more than $450m in venture funding rounds in 2022

Spot Market

Graph 1. Crypto-only Exchange Volume [10]
Note: Spot market share of cryptocurrency exchanges with primarily only crypto support
Graph 2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Traffic [8]

Futures Market

1) Futures Volume

Graphs 3–4. Volume of Bitcoin Futures and Volume of Ethereum Futures [10]

2) Aggregated Open Interest

Aggregated Open Interest on BTC and ETH futures, January-February 2022 [10]
Graphs 5–6. Open Interest on BTC Futures and Open Interest on ETH Futures [10]
Graph 7. BTC Long/Short Ratio on Binance [10]

3) Liquidations

Graph 8. Liquidations [5]

Options Market

Graphs 9–10. Volume of BTC options and Volume of ETH options [10]

Dynamics of Leading Assets

Graphs 11–12. BTC price and ETH price [2]
Graph 13. Bitcoin: Long- and Short-Term Holder ORPD [2]
Total Market Capitalization [2]

Venture Rounds

Read more:


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